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10th December 2021

This week, we are reading the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson. Did you know there are so many things you can do with a stick! Stickman was used as a mast for a flag, to play fetch with a dog and even as a log for the fire! We got our thinking caps on and thought of all the different things we could use sticks for. Some of us thought of using our sticks as wands, toothbrushes, drums and broomsticks. Sticks also make great nests! We used sticks and other resources to make a cosy nest for an animal in winter and wrote signs for them. Stickman missed his family whilst he was off on his adventures, so we have been busy writing post cards from Stickman to his family.

In maths we have been finding one less than a given number. We are using objects, a number line, hundred squares and ten frames to help us find one less. Help me embed my knowledge by asking me at home e.g. “I have 5 oranges, I ate one! How many do I have left?”

We have been busy in phonics learning some new sounds;

j   v   w   x

To embed our phonics knowledge, we took part in some delicious learning, we ate jam on bagels and drank juice. We have also been writing on vests, writing with water on chalkboards and writing on x-rays.

We used sounds to make words:


 Jam, job, jug, jet, van, vet, vest, wet, wig, web, fox, box, six


We have been talking about the rules we follow when we write a sentence. Every sentence we write starts with a capital letter, we use finger spaces between each word and we end our sentence with a full stop.

Simple sentences we have been reading and writing this week:

The jug is red.

The dog is wet.

The fox is in the box.


This week, we had our winter workshop. We performed a song and a dance, listened to a winter story, completed some winter crafts and we even roasted marshmallows over a magical fire pit! See below the recording and some photos.



PE is every Thursday please ensure your child’s kit is in school

School finishes @ 2pm on Friday 17th December


Thank you

The Reception Team