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11th February 2022

This week we have been continuing with our topic ‘World of Ice’ with the story ‘Stella Queen of the Snow” by Marie Louise Gay. Stella has a rather inquisitive brother who asks lots questions such as “do birds have goosebumps?” “what does a snowman eat?” We have been coming up with answers to these questions. We became scientist by learning all about why ‘fog’ comes out of your mouth when it is cold. We wrote on mirrors and windows using our fog breath. Ask us to show you at home!

We became a real life ice skater with own imaginary skating boots. We glided and skated around our skating rink listening to music. Have a look at the pictures below. Did you know it snowed in our classroom!? We described the texture of the snow and how it felt and looked.

In Maths, we have been counting beyond 10. We counted objects and used marks to represent the amount. As our story this week is all about snow, we have been making snowballs, having snowball fights and checking which team has the most snowballs by counting them. We have also been counting how many snowballs we can pick up in 20 seconds.


In phonics we have learnt some new sounds:

                 air  er  ure

We used these sounds to make words:

Hair, stairs, chair, air, pepper, letter, flower, mixer, pure, cure, secure, manure

Examples of sentences to read and write:

It is winter.

A pink slipper.

I sat on the chair.

I went up the stairs.

Look at his long hair.


All the sounds learnt so far:

s a t p i n m d g o c ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear er air ure


Tricky words learnt so far:

I    no    go    into   the to  she     he    we     me     be     we are   was, you, my



  • Guided reading books are to be retuned every Monday. Your child will receive a new book on a Wednesday.
  • See you all on Monday 21st February 2022



Have a lovely half term!