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11th June

Remember to talk to me about all of the wonderful learning I have taken part in. Check out our pictures from this week to spark a conversation!


In Reception, we have been reading Superworm! Many of us already knew the story so were able to retell it and role play it expertly! We have found out that worms are super interesting creatures. Did you know that a worm has 5 hearts but no eyes!? Ask me what other facts I have learnt about worms.


We worked together to make a wormery, layering sand and soil in a jar to make the perfect house for a worm. We then went on a hunt for some worms to move into their new home. They are very lucky to have such a wonderful home if you ask me!

In maths, we have been super busy consolidating our number recognition, counting objects and addition. I wonder what numbers you can spot over the weekend?

New tricky words to practise reading and orally putting into a sentence:


were    there   little   one     said   like  have   so    said   come  some


Thanks to all for returning your ‘tooth brushing’ consent forms. We are very excited to start brushing next week! 

Many thanks,

The Reception Team