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12th November 2021

This week we have been continuing with our Colour Monster theme.

We went on a hunt around our classroom for the colours, red, blue, green, grey, yellow and pink in teams and we used our phonics knowledge to write colour names. We also linked our emotions to colours, this has helped us to articulate our feelings. We selected a colour pen and drew a picture to show how we are feeling.

We also learnt how to mix colours and saw what colours we can create by mixing paint. Here at Mora, we are super independent and make our own paint. We have been writing instructions to show how we make our own paint.

In maths we have been learning how to use positional language to describe where something is. We followed and gave instructions using positional language such as in front of, next to, under, on top of and behind. Maybe at home, you can have a go at describing where something is by using positional language e.g The teddy is in front of the television.

We have been busy in phonics learning more sounds;

l    ll   ss

Ask me what a digraph is!

To embed our phonics knowledge, we been writing on mirrors with lipstick, pouring and filling containers to make them full and cutting grass.


We used sounds to make words:

 Log, lick, leg, lid, bell, till, hill, fill, mess, miss, kiss



We have been talking about the rules we follow when we write a sentence. Every sentence we write starts with a capital letter, we use finger spaces between each word and we end our sentence with a full stop.

Simple sentences we have been reading and writing this week:

I can skip.

I can spin.

I can clap.

The sun is hot.


Below are the tricky words we have learnt so far. Tricky words are words we cannot sound out:

I    no    go    into   the  to


Reminder: PE is every Thursday please ensure your child’s kit is in school.


Thank you

The Reception Team