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14th January 2022

We have kicked off our new topic ‘World of Ice’ with the story ‘Lost and Found’ by one of our favourite authors, Oliver Jeffers. We used props to retell the story of how a boy found a penguin at his door and went on a quest to get the penguin back to The South Pole. In order to embark on our journey, we needed to travel by boat! We worked as a team to construct a boat and used post it notes to label the parts. The South Pole can be a bit we packed a bag with important items we needed for our trip. We have also learnt some interesting facts about penguins. Ask me to tell you some!

In Maths, we have been learning about maps, routes and journeys. We have been mapping out a familiar route from our classroom to the lunch hall and the route from London all the way to the South Pole! Perhaps you could map out your journey from your house to school.


We have been super busy in phonics learning some new sounds.

sh   ch   th   ng

We used these sounds to make words:

 shop, shed, shell, ship, cash, fish, chop, chin, chick, this, them, with ring, long, sing


Simple sentences we have been reading and writing this week:

Chop up the chips.

I went to the shops.

Sing a song to me.



New tricky words


Can you read it, write it and put it in a sentence?

Tricky words learnt so far:

I    no    go    into   the  to  she    he    we     me     be     we



PE is every Thursday please ensure your child’s kit is in school.

The Parent Phonics and Reading workshop is in the middle playground @ 3pm on Tuesday 18th January.