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16th July

Remember to talk to me about all the wonderful learning I have taken part in.


This will be the last time a weekly summary is uploaded to the website this academic year! It has certainly been an unprecedented and eventful year in many ways. The time we have spent with your children has been an absolute pleasure and we are so proud to be handing a group of super resilient children up to our year 1 colleagues.

This week, we have continued learning about butterflies. We have been learning some super impressive scientific vocabulary such as metamorphosis, larva and pupa. Ask me what these words mean! 


We became artists, inspired by Damien Hurst’s butterfly Mandala. We experimented with oil pastels, a medium we have not used before! It was interesting to see how we could smudge the pastels with our fingers and layer the colours to create a different effect to crayon.


In maths, we have been recapping subtraction. We have been talking about how when we subtract something, we take it away and the number or the quantity gets smaller. We always jump backwards on the number line when we subtract. We took part in some delicious learning using popcorn! As we subtracted the popcorn, we ate it and counted how much we had left.

During the summer holidays, please make sure you do lots of reading with your child and support your child by using the next steps on their report.




  • It is our class party next Friday; it would be wonderful if you could donate £1 to put towards some party treats for the children.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team