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18th June

Remember to talk to me about all the wonderful learning I have taken part in. Check out our pictures from this week to spark a conversation!


This week we have been learning about snails. We have learnt some super interesting facts about them, did you know, a snail is a gastropod mollusc? Snails are both genders, they are boys and girls! Ask me what else I know about snails.


We went on a minibeast hunt to see what insects and creatures we could find. The conditions were damp, perfect for snails, so we managed to find lots of them!

We made a paste using flour and water, spread it along some perspex and watched the snail’s little mouth open and close as it ate the paste. It was pretty fascinating.


I wonder if you can find any minibeasts over the weekend? Can you name them, draw them and write about them? What interesting facts can you find out about any minibeasts you see?

We have also been looking at the artist Matisse and his famous image of ‘The Snail’ which you can find in the Tate. This artwork inspired us to create our version of ‘The Snail’ using 2D shapes and it was a great way to recap our knowledge on shapes.

In phonics, we have begun Phase 4. We are encouraging the children to think of, say and write simple sentences independently using their sounds and to spell tricky words correctly. Check out the new tricky word key rings on our bags! You could practise reading them when you travel to and from school.


Tricky words to practise reading, writing and orally putting into a sentence:

were    there   little   one     said   like  have   so    said   come  some


Many thanks,

The Reception Team