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1st April 2022

This week, we are reading another traditional tale; ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We acted out the story and retold it in our own words. ‘Trip, trap, trip, trap’ went the goats as they marched across the bridge. We have learnt and marched to the song ‘The goats came marching’. Ask us to sing the song to you! We had DT day on Thursday. We were developing our fine motor skills by learning how to sew! We used a needle and thread to create a pattern on some Binka.


In maths, we have been grouping and sorting. We sorted shapes, animals and food using our own criteria. For example, sorting them by their colour, shape or size. At home maybe you could practise this by sorting food or toys. You could sort your food into healthy & unhealthy, sweet & savoury, fruit & vegetables or by colour.



Over the holidays, use your phonics to write a diary entry about all the exciting thigs you get up to.

  • Did you visit family?
  • Did you go on holiday?
  • Did you go to the park?

Your teachers would love to read all about your holidays!


Please find a PDF attached with the list of 100 high frequency words for Reception aged children:

Reminders & Messages:

  • Children will return to school on Tuesday the 19th April.
  • Please return your child’s guided reading book on Tuesday 19th April.


We hope you have a lovely holiday!

Many Thanks

The Reception Team