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21st May

Remember to talk to me about all of the wonderful learning I have taken part in. 


This week we have been reading a book called ‘Errol’s Garden. Errol lived in a flat and longed for a garden so, with the help of his neighbours, he decided to make a rooftop garden! We have been planning and designing our very own rooftop gardens. We thought about what tools we would need and how we would like our gardens to look. I think we have some landscapers in the making! If you have a garden, perhaps you could help out with some weeding or digging. Can you name any of the gardening tools we have learnt about this week?


We also dissected flowers and made a beautiful flower press display. We talked about what the word dissection means – “to cut something open to look at its closely or to look at its insides.”


In maths, we have been halving and talking about how 2 halves make a whole. We have been splitting shapes, objects and fruit in half, ensuring each half is equal and the same. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough to have pizza or cake this weekend, you could practice cutting it in half! Can you build a tower that is half your height? Can you find an object that is half the size of your shoe?


Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team