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22nd April 2022

We are getting a school puppy! As we eagerly await our new furry addition, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about pets! We have been learning about different types of pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, Guinea pigs, rabbits and fish and how to care for them. Choose a pet and I can tell you how to care for it!

In maths we have been recapping 2D shapes and talking about their properties. The shapes we have learnt are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle and pentagon. Perhaps this weekend you could go on a 2D shape hunt, what shapes can you find? How many sides and corners does it have?



Now we have learnt all the sounds in phase 3, we have moved onto phase 4. Phase 4 revisits and reviews all sounds taught so far as well as learning lots of new high frequency words and tricky words.

All sounds learnt:

s a t p i n m d g o c ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear er air ure

Tricky words learnt:

I    no    go    into   the  to  she     he    we     me     be     we   are   was  you  my

Tricky words of the week:

said  so  have  like   were   little


High frequency words of the week:

went    from    it’s    just

Read them, write them, put them into a sentence.



  • Guided reading books are to be returned every Monday. Your child will receive a new book on a Wednesday.
  • P.E is now every Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school.

Have a great weekend

The Reception Team