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28th January 2022

This week, we have read the story ‘Snowballs’ by Lois Elhert. In the story, they have been waiting for a snow day and saving good stuff in a sack. We have been writing a list of clothes and equipment we would need for a snow day. We became scientists by learning all about birds and making bird feeders for the cold winter months as well as conducting icy experiments. We froze snowballs to make snow people and used different materials to make our snow people some coats. We used tin foil, paper, bubble wrap and fabric. Ask us which coat stopped the ice from melting. You may be surprised at the result! We made our very own snow people using loose parts and used our phonics to label them.

In maths, we have been learning about capacity and using language such such as full, half full and empty. We have been estimating and measuring which containers hold the most and least amount by counting how many cups it takes to fill the containers. We have also been finding the capacity of our shoes by filling them with cubes and counting to check how many it could hold.

We have been super busy in phonics learning some new sounds.

                 short oo e.g. book, oa ar  or 

We used these sounds to make words:

foot, wood, cook, goat, boat, toast, park, car, star, jar, lord, corn, fork


I can cook good food.

The boat can float.

The star is bright.

The lord is mad.


New tricky words

    my    you

Can you read it, write it and put it in a sentence?



Please take care of the guided reading book given to your child. It is part of a set and it is vital it is looked after and cared for. Please leave the book in your child’s book bag every day so they can read it with their teacher in school as well as with you at home. You will receive a new reading book every Wednesday. Please read with your child as often as you can.