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2nd July

Remember to talk to me about all the wonderful learning I have taken part in.


We are well and truly engaged in our fantastic minibeast topic! We have loved learning about minibeasts and looking for tiny creatures in our environment.


This week we have read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. A story about a quiet little ladybird who becomes quite the hero when she comes up with a cunning plan to save the fine prize cow from two thieves! We have been making story maps and learning about Onomatopoeia. I wonder what Onomatopoeia words/sounds you could find this weekend? Maybe a ‘splash’ in the bath, or a ‘stomp’ of your feet?


This week has been maths week, so we have been getting our mathematical brains ticking! We read the story ‘How many legs?’ In the book, there are many animals, we counted ALL of their legs and arrived at the answer of 174. We have been busy adding, counting, sharing AND measuring!


In phonics, we have been practising our letter formation, thinking of our own simple sentences and writing them independently.

Please practise forming the letters a  d  b  e  g  as these are the ones we are finding most tricky!


Tricky words to practise reading, writing and orally putting into a sentence:

were    there   little   one     said   like  have   so    said   come  some   do  out  what  


Many thanks,

The Reception Team