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4th March 2022

Last week we read ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This week we have been reading the true story! Apparently the big bad wolf is not so big and bad after all, he had a terrible cold, sneezed, and that’s why the pigs’ houses got blown down! We have been using descriptive language to rename big bad wolf such as the kind, friendly wolf. We became architects and designed, planned and mapped out a new house for the three little pigs to live in. Wolves are amazing creatures; we have learnt some interesting facts about them. Ask me to tell you a fact. As well as all this wonderful learning, we have also celebrated world book day and written about our favorite story told to us by an adult. We also created some amazing dioramas.

In maths we have been beginning to add. Using cubes, we have been working out all the different ways we can make 6, 7 and 8.



In phonics we busy revising

qu sh ch th 

We used these sounds to make words:

 quick, quack, shop, shed, shell, ship, cash, fish, chop, chin, chick, this, them, with

we have also been reading and writing 2 syllable words and sentences with 2 syllable words.

Bedroom, rooftop, football, snowman, rainbow, backpack, bookshop, lipstick

The hotdog is hot.

The carpark is full.

The backpack is red.

I went to the airport.


High frequency word of the week


New Tricky word




  • Guided reading books are to be retuned every Monday. Your child will receive a new book on a Wednesday.
  • On Thursday 10th March, Montell Dougals, an Olympic bobsleigh athlete, will be visiting Mora to run an athletic training session with the children. Children can wear their P.E. kit OR their own sports clothes for the event. We ask that each family kindly donates £1 per child for the event. Donations can be made through the crowdfunding page - thank you. 



Have a great weekend!