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Body Percussion

Body Percussion


I don’t know about you but I don’t have a full orchestra at home…. We are too creative to worry about that, the beat goes on! I love making music at home and all I need is my body! Body percussion is not only a key activity in phonics it is also loads of fun and looks pretty cool if you ask me! Have a look at some of these videos and see if you can follow along and then maybe even come up with your own beats!

Can you film your body percussion pattern? Or maybe just record the sounds and see if we can work out how you made them? 

Body Drumming - Beginners' beats

Have a go with this beat!

Bim Bum ~ A Clapping Game Song

Bim Bum is a fast and fun clapping game song that's sung on the words "Bim Bum Biddy Biddy Bum". It's an easy song to sing but a tough song to master!