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Listening and Instruments

Listening and Instruments


Listening might not sound like the most exciting or even important skill but it is like a magic key to our learning. You know the best way to keep it exciting – Music!


First of all we better get our ears warmed up! Can you go on a sound hunt around your home. Have you ever noticed what sound a fridge makes? What carefully listening to a boiling kettle. What noises can you hear form the windows? Maybe you can make a picture of the sound and create a sound bank.

Use this document to support learning with the below resources.

David Bowie Narrates Disney's Peter And The Wolf (Full)

Listen to David Bowie Narrating thins musical adventure.

Backstage with Bleeckie - The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Take a muppet tour of the Orchestra!

The Remarkable Farkle McBride by John Lithgow

Watch this funny story of Farkle McBride!