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Making a difference


Today we will be completing a Problem Solving activity. 



Red - Samiya is thinking of a number. She multiplies it by 4 and her new number is 48. What number was she first thinking of?


Amber - Over the last month, Omar has been travelling. He collects 43 bus tickets, 39 boat tickets, 12 plane tickets and 64 train tickets. How many tickets does Omar collect in total?

Green - On Sunday, I spent 98 minutes on my art project, and 35 minutes on my numeracy homework.
On Thursday evening I spent a total of 100 minutes on my homework. What is the difference between the amount of homework I did on Sunday and Thursday evening?


Complete the activity below in your book.

You may need to read the question a few times and think about what it is asking you to do.

Read the question
Underline the key words
Choose your operation - is it asking you to +, -, x or ÷
Solve the problem
Answer the question
Check your answer


Remember to answer the question in your books

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