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LI To know when to use comparatives (ending in er)  and superlatives (ending in est)


Root word         Comparative (when comparing 2 things)    Superlative (when comparing more than two things)

tall                                 taller                                                                tallest

small                             smaller                                                            smallest


The man is tall.

The ostrich is taller than the man.

The giraffe is the tallest.


The child's football is small.

The tennis ball is smaller than the child's football.

The table tennis ball is the smallest.


When you're speaking English, try using some  comparatives and superlatives!


Wednesday 20th May 2020
Listen to the story and then answer the questions if you can:

Who gets a letter?
What is in the hat?
How does Big Pig know where to dig?
What is Big Pig looking for?
What is Fat Cat dreaming of?
At the end of the story, why do you think Fat Cat is grinning (smiling)?