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Monday 29th June 2020

Dear Earth and Saturn, I hope you have all had a lovely week. 


This week's superstars are Khalid, Sadie, Zainab, Ammaar, Layan and Marisa from Earth Class and Aliyaa, Abdullaah K, Abdullah S, Taymiyyah and Bianca from Saturn Class. Well done to all of you! Keep up the posts on SeeSaw. 


Congratulations to Sadie, Khalid and Umar for guessing our next topic. The answer was 'France'. 


Mr. Don

Destination France | National Geographic

Time for you to do some research.


1. France shares borders with six other European countries. Can you name these six countries?


2. What is the nickname given to France based on its shape?


3. The highest peak in France is Mont Blanc at 4,809m. Which mountain range is it part of? 


4. Before 2002, the official money of France was the French franc. What new currency was adopted in 2002?


5. What landmark was built for the world's fair held in Paris in 1889?



Beauty and the Beast "Belle" | Sing-A-Long | Disney

Disney's Beauty And The Beast | Sneak Peek

Listen to either versions and fill in the blanks.

Beauty And The Beast : Be Our Guest | #ReadAlong | Disney

Because the original story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was French, the filmmakers
chose the Loire Valley in France for the setting of the movie. Find the Loire Valley on
a map. Borrow some books on France from the library or internet and find out what is special about this part of the country.


Even if you had not been told that the film was set in France, you may have guessed
from the names of some of the characters. Use a French/English dictionary to find out what Lumière, Le Fou and Belle mean.