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Monday 1st June 2020




I hope you and your family are well and that you have enjoyed the half-term break. How lucky to have had so much sunshine! I hope you have been to the park or into your garden if you have one.


Remember, if you have any questions you can email me at the school office.


Ms Planeta


LI To use the prefix 'un'.

A prefix is a group of letters at the start of a word that changes the meaning of a word - 'un' is a prefix. For example,

happy, unhappy

fair, unfair.

Click on the document below to see some more examples with pictures.

Read the sentences.

Write your own sentences about each picture, using the words with the prefix 'un'.

Can you think of any more words with the prefix 'un' ?

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Click on the link above. Read about what I did in half-term and answer the questions.

If you can, write about what you did in half-term in the past tense. I have given some past tense verbs to help you.



We use the past tense when we talk about things that have already happened. We use the present tense when we talk about things that are happening now.


Simple Present Tense: Now, I watch TV.

Simple Past Tense (regular ed ending): Yesterday, I watched TV.


Simple Present Tense: Now, I look at my mum.

Simple Past Tense (regular ed ending): Yesterday, I looked at my mum.


Simple Present t Tense: Now I eat pizza.

Simple Past Tense (irregular): Yesterday I ate pizza.


Simple Present Tense: It is sunny now.

Simple Past Tense (irregular): Yesterday it was sunny too.



Don't worry if this is hard or if you don't understand. We will practise this again many times.


Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Listen to the story. Follow the words and then answer the questions in your book:
How many pens did Hen have?
What colour is the cow?
What is the yellow bird doing?
Which pattern did Hen like to draw the most?
Why did Hen draw on the eggs?
What was Hen's bad mistake?
How do you think Hen felt when a snake came out of the egg?

When you finish, you can draw some colourful zigzags like Hen!

Thursday 4th June 2020

Phonics Phase 5 Sounds Pronunciation
Watch the video and practise saying the sounds. Now say each word in a sentence. Write each word in a sentence in your book. Try to use 'because' or 'and' in your sentences!

Friday 5th June 2020


When to say How much? and when to say How many?


For things we can count, we say,  How many? For example, How many water bottles are in the classroom?


For things we cannot count, we say, How much? For example, How much water is in the sea?


Click on the link below to practise using 'How much?' and 'How many?'

Have a good weekend!