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Ms Planeta's children

Monday 11th May 2020
Listen to the Tricky Word Song. Can you read and spell the tricky words? Read the sentences:
Look at me.
Be good.
Are you sad?
It was fun
We all like you.
They are my cats.

Can you write your own sentences with these words?

Tuesday 12th May 2020.
Listen to the Tricky Words Song. Practise reading and spelling the words. Read the sentences. Write your own.
I said, 'Hello!'.
You have black hair.
I like chips.
He has some sweets.
Come to my school.
What is this?
When is lunch?

Wednesday 13th May 2020.
Listen to Ted in the Red Bed story and then answer the questions:
What colour is the bed?
Where is the bed?
What colour is the pillow?
What pet is in Ted's house?