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Making a difference


Today you will be taking part in an exciting activity that requires you to research information and think about others.


Your task:

You will need to pick someone - this could be a family member, someone you know ie. the postman, a celebrity, a neighbour - whoever you want.

However, you need to be able to research 5 interesting facts about them.

Therefore, picking your pet would be a bad idea because you won't be able to ask questions/find out much information about them.


Once you have chosen the person you'd like to find out information about, you can then begin to find out information about them - if you get stuck, pick a family member. 


Some ideas you could find out about: their age, where they live, things they like, things they dislike - whatever you think will be interesting.


Then you will need to compare yourself to the person that you have researched.

What is the same?

What is similar?

What is different?


Can you draw a picture of this person?


You can represent this person however you want - this could be a poster, a table - whichever way you find most suitable.


Try to make your work as exciting as possible.