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Project idea

Project : Island Adventure

Day 1 –

Draw an island and give it a name. Make your map as colourful as you can and remember to include a key. You can include such things as forests and rivers, paths and roads, mountains and swamps etc. Remember that a map only shows permanent features not people and vehicles.


Day 2 –

How did you get to your island? Write about your arrival, explaining who you are with and how you got there. Try to think of an interesting and unusual way to arrive.


Day 3 –

You need a shelter. Write instructions which could help someone in a similar situation to you. Explain what materials would be best to protect you from weather and animals. Make sure that your instructions are easy to understand.


Day 4 –

Strange noises are heard in the night. You go to investigate some strange sounds and end up trying to talk yourself out of a lot of trouble. Write out your conversation, in script form.


Day 5 –

You have made some friends on the island and decide to have a party. Design some invitations, explaining the reason for the party and giving details about what will happen. Write a letter to the local musicians to persuade them to provide the music.


Day 6 -

The noise and smell of food at the party attract some unwanted visitors. Write a description of the party explaining the events and the results. Use plenty of detail to give a really vivid description.


Day 7 -

You finally have to leave the island. Write the story of your last few days on the island. How do you feel? Are you sad or excited? What souvenirs would you take back with you? Explain why you are leaving, perhaps you have no choice!