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Project Smiles for Brent

Hello Neptune class,


I hope you are all well. I really miss everyone and being at school, and I know from the phone calls we’ve had that you are missing school and your friends too. I don’t know when we’ll be back in school yet so let’s use this as a chance to spend time with our families and learn new skills at home.


I am really happy you some of have created an account and joined us on SeeSaw because now we can communicate and send updates to each other. If you have done anything at home that you’re proud of please take a picture and send it to me so that I can have a look. If you have not made an account yet please do!


I wanted to tell you about a project Brent Police have sent us. It is called Project Smiles for Brent.


The Brent Police have asked us if we could send them some artwork or uplifting messages for key workers. Key workers are people whose jobs are very important during this lockdown which means they still need to go outside to work. These include police officers, people who work in hospitals, teachers, people who work in supermarkets and lots more. You might even have some people living with you at home who are key workers. 


The police department wants us to help them put a smile on everyone’s faces, especially those of key workers through our art. 


They are asking pupils to create A4 sheets with the following details:

  • Your age and first name

  • A message for key workers and or the community e.g. any positive stories

  • Their favourite joke (to cheer them up)

  • And a picture (to cheer them up)



I will post some pictures of artwork other children have done for the NHS workers to inspire you but I want you to try not to copy them but think of your own ideas.


Once you have done the artwork please take a picture of it and send it to me on SeeSaw or email it to me through


Before you send the picture to me please ask your parents if it is alright to post the entries via the Met Police, Brent Twitter feed.


The police officer who has asked for this said she would send us a short video message from herself and other safer schools officers.  She will also provide a certificate of thanks to each school.


I look forward to seeing your art!


Speak to you soon,

Miss Amer smiley