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There is an extension activity for everyone and a special activity for children who are in Miss Henry's reading group.


Please note, the extension activity is not compulsory.

Write a diary entry, written by Charlie, on the day that he finds his golden ticket. How would he feel? What sort of words would he use? Try to include some information about what the golden ticket says on the front and back.

When you are writing a diary entry, remember to:

  • describe the places where the events happened; 

  • write in the past tense;

  • talk about the important events;

  • use some personal pronouns, such as 'I', 'my' or 'me';

  • talk about feelings;

  • use 'before', 'next', and 'after' to show the order of events.

Here are some sentences starters to help:

  • Dear Diary,
  • Today I found..
  • I feel..
  • My Dad has been working...
  • Next week I am..