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Write the events of Lincoln's life  in the correct order.


  1. Abraham Lincoln ran for President of the United States. 

  2. Abe’s stepmother encouraged him to read and learn. 

  3. The Civil War began. 

  4. Abe ferried people and goods down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. 

  5. Abraham Lincoln ran for Illinois State Legislature. 

  6. Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer. 

  7. Abraham Lincoln ran for State Senator reminding people that slavery did not fit with the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. 

  8. Abraham Lincoln won the election for President of the United States. 

  9. Seven southern states left the Union. 

  10. Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. 

  11. The Lincoln family moved to Indiana and then to New Salem, Illinois. 

  12. Abraham Lincoln won the election for Illinois State Legislature. 

  13. Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. 

  14. The South surrenders. 

  15. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

  16. Young Abe lived in Kentucky, where he learned to hunt, fish, and farm. 

  17. Abe was nine years old when his mother died. 

  18. Abraham Lincoln ran for and lost the Illinois State Legislature. 

  19. Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address sharing his vision about how the country could heal.