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ACTIVITY: Read each statement and decide which ones are true.

1. Abraham Lincoln lived in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois

2. Lincoln’s mother died when he was nine years old.

3. Lincoln’s father was a master storyteller.

4. Lincoln read some books so many times that he knew some parts by heart.

5. Lincoln only had one job in his lifetime.

6. Lincoln always had a book in his hand.

7. Lincoln believed education was important.

8. Lincoln won every election he was in.

9. Lincoln became a lawyer.

10. Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe”.

11. The South had slaves.

12. Lincoln was a state senator.

13. Lincoln was President of the United States. 

14. Before Lincoln took office, seven states left the Union.

15. The South attacked the North, starting the Civil War.

16. No lives were lost during the Civil War.

17. All people in the North agreed with Lincoln’s Proclamation.

18. The Emancipation Proclamation gave freedom to slaves.

19. The South surrendered, ending the Civil War.

20. Lincoln was assassinated while he was President of the United States.