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Read this extract from the Cave and draw a picture matching the description of the scene.


Stopping suddenly with a sharp intake of breath, Mary looked down in disbelief. Below the delicately painted toenails of her besmirched and grimy feet stretched a sheer limestone cliff face. At its base, perhaps one hundred metres below, snaked a silent silvery stream, shimmering in the sunlight. A large, sharp-beaked bird sat on a long moss-covered ledge to the left of the cave entrance. There was no escape that way; the ledge petered out after a few metres and in any case, it was barely wider than her foot. To the right, a few small stunted bushes clung tenaciously to the rock face, their gnarled roots taking advantage of a few deep cracks from which dark stains – evidence of water – emerged to tarnish the cliff face beneath.

Twisting her shoulders and poking her head out into the nothingness, she swivelled her eyes skywards and saw that she was standing about ten metres below what looked like the top of the cliff. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought that she could see some thin trees and yellow-flowered gorse bushes just above a line where hard grey gave way to soft green. Feeling suddenly dizzy, Mary withdrew her head into the comparative safety of the cave and sat down to think.