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The Kiss That Missed read by Karan Brar

The Kiss that Missed is written and illustrated by David Melling and read by Karan Brar.

One evening, when the King is in a hurry, his goodnight kiss to the Little Prince goes astray. After rattling around the Prince's bedroom, it flies out the window and floats into the dark forest, where it has no business to be. The King decides to do something about it. He orders the Knight to climb on his horse, ride into the forest, and bring back the kiss. But the forest is filled with spooky things that frighten both the Knight and his horse. How will they ever succeed in bringing the kiss back to the castle?

Relisten to the first few pages of the story. What is the setting of the story in the beginning?
The setting is...
I know this because...

Draw a picture describing the setting.