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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Look carefully at the front cover of the book.

  1. Make a list of all the things you can see. Use adjectives to help describe what you can see. 
  2. Who can you identify on the front cover of the book? 
    What type of characteristics might they have? Why do you think this? (Use the front cover of the book to support your answer)
  3. How do you think the characters on the front cover of the book are feeling? Why?
  4. Choose a character from the front cover of the book. Write a detailed paragraph describing this character.
    Use what you can see to help you and your amazing imagination. 
  5. Pretend you are the author, look at the front cover and write the opening paragraph for the story. 

Remember to use:

  • fronted adverbials
  • adjectives
  • interesting vocabulary - use a thesaurus to help

If you are unsure of the definition of a word - you can use a dictionary to help.