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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Then very slowly, with a slow and marvellous grin spreading all over his face, Grandpa Joe lifted his head and looked straight at Charlie. The colour was rushing to his cheeks, and his eyes were wide open, shining with joy, and in the centre of each eye, right in the very centre, in the black pupil, a little spark of wild excitement was slowly dancing. Then the old man took a deep breath, and suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, an explosion seemed to take place inside him. He threw up his arms and yelled ‘Yippeeeeeee!’ And at the same time, his long bony body rose up out of the bed and his bowl of soup went flying into the face of Grandma Josephine, and in one fantastic leap, this old fellow of ninety-six and a half, who hadn’t been out of bed these last twenty years, jumped on to the floor and started doing a dance of victory in his pyjamas.


Answer these questions:

  1. Why does Grandpa Joe  have a grin on his face?
  2. How does Grandpa Joe feel at this point in the story?
  3. Why do you think Grandpa Joe feels this way?
  4. How does the author (Roald Dahl) let you know Grandpa Joe feels this way? Write down at least 3 words or phrases the author uses.
  5. What information do you know about Grandpa Joe after reading this paragraph?
  6. What does the word 'explosion' mean?
  7. Read the paragraph again carefully.
    Draw a picture of Grandpa Joe's reaction to Charlie.