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Ms Kyle's voice recording for Monday

Good morning Guys, Hope you are well and looking after each other.

Whilst I have not been with you, I have been really really busy.

A group of scientists have been in touch with me and asking me for help.
I knew just the people to ask, that’s right it’s you!
This is what they have told me so far.

That, they have been sent to a secret island location. On the mysterious Socotra Island.
The teams of expert scientists are working to protect, preserve and study a colony of creatures previously thought long extinct.
Working in difficult conditions and being in constant danger the scientists need us to help them, help them look after the animals and protect them and stop people from coming to harm or hunting them.

This island has sustained these animals for many of years, Millions of years in fact.

The Worldwide League for Nature (WLN), the island’s owners and protectors, are concerned that while they look carefully not to damage the island’s environment and to work in utter secrecy.

Keeping the island and its inhabitants away from the world’s prying eyes and those who might look to exploit or damage it. Has become a challenge, a real challenge, they just don’t know what to do.

However difficult their mission might seem, it is about to get a whole lot worse!
They said the volcano on the island, That is thought to be long dormant, Has begun to show alarming signs of activity. It might erupt at any moment! And they haven’t found the list that they have that has all the features of the island.

Can you help them to do this? Can you create a list of the features of the Island?