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Ms Kyle's voice recording all about the Island

Hello everyone, it’s me again.
The scientists have told me some more untold facts about the island that I wanted to share them, with you!
They have said The Island has stayed hidden for millions of years, behind the cloud of fog and storms that surround it.

Sailors who came close will turn their ships around and sail away, afraid of the swirling clouds and flashes of lightening and clashes of thunder.

And so they have been able to stay unfound and undisturbed.

They are the last of their kind, the last of the great creatures who had once been rulers of the world.
When a great meteorite came, it killed all of their kind, every one of them became extinct, everyone, except for those who lived on the island.
How they are still surviving is a mystery! A real Mystery!

The scientists went with their machines and found a way through the maze of fog and storms.
They found the creatures living unchanged in the forests, caves and mountains of the island.
They thought it’s a miracle, an unbelievable wonder; it’s given them the chance to watch study and understand these creatures.
These scientists are not fools and they knew there were other people in the world who would want to hunt the creatures down, catch them in nets and take them away from the island.

They would trap them in cages and make their fortunes by parading them around the cities of the world.
So the scientists have decided to work in secrecy.

They kept the island safe and secure. Determined to protect and preserve it from those who would harm and steal the creatures away.
They have invested their time in inventing stories about the dangers of the fog and storms, and told tales about ships, planes that disappeared in the swirling clouds, scaring away those that would come too close.

This has worked so far.

These scientists are working in secret, watching, studying, and protecting the great ancient creatures. They take photos of them, film them, recording the sounds and noting their movements and habits.

The scientists now live in a corner of the island, in buildings they have built from wood, they only travel around the island by foot, determined not to damage or change its sensitive environment in any way. Keeping the Island and the creatures that live there, the same as they have been for millions of years. Unchanged and undisturbed.