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A letter from the scientists

Dear Children,
The volcano on Socotra Island is about to erupt! It has been dormant for a long time which means that it’s not showed any signs of activity for many years.
Now you can hear bubbles, rumbling and hissing sounds coming from the direction of the mountain.

Soon it will erupt, and people in the nearby area will be able to hear loud explosions and roaring sounds like a jet engine.

Gas jets escaping from its volcanic vents will be bursting towards the sky.
People can see smoke coming from the volcano from many miles away.

This news is going to make the headlines!

We must warn people to stay away from the island, to keep a safe distance from the fire-hot lava pouring down from the mountain.
Do you think you could help us?

Can you help us write a letter that we can read out during our upcoming press release?
We don’t have the time to write it because we are helping the animals who live near the volcano to relocate and move further away from the danger
Thank you very much for your help. We really appreciate it.

From the Scientist here, in Socotra Island.