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Sports Day 2020!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners from last week's Sports Day!

Thank you and a huge well done to everyone who competed - you are all amazing!  Please see below for the 'Bonus Challenge' photo winners.  I hope you had a wonderful time participating either at home or in school, it was great that we could still come together as a school, regardless of our varied locations. 

Keep active!

Ms Freezer

Bonus Challenge Photos

Welcome to Sports Day 2020!


Below are short instructional videos for each of the six challenges you need to complete on Friday 26th June 2020. 

If you are in Year 2, 3, 4, or 5 remember to upload your results on Seesaw via the activity your teacher has set for you.

If you are in Reception, Y1 or Y6 and at home, remember to email the results table that has been sent to you, back to 


Please make sure all results are uploaded or emailed by 3:30pm on Friday 26th June 2020.

Good Luck!



Challenge 1: Mountain Climbers

How many mountain climbers can you complete in one minute? Every time your knee comes forward, count this as a mountain climber.

Challenge 2: Walking Lunges

How many walking lunges can you complete in one minute? You decide whether you do them with or without a pause.

Challenge 3: Tuck Jump

How many tuck jumps can you complete in one minute?

Challenge 4: Air Squat

How many air squats can you complete in one minute?

Challenge 5: Push Ups

How many push ups can you complete in one minute? You decide whether you start on your knees or do a full press up.

Challenge 6: Plank Hold

How many seconds can you hold a plank position for? You decide whether you lean on your hands or on your elbows.

BONUS CHALLENGE: upload your funniest sport photo!


Whilst you have been keeping active this 'School Sports Week - At Home', here is how some of us teachers have also been making sure we are staying fit and healthy...