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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning!

Hope you had a fun day of playing tricks and pranks on others yesterday!  We have almost completed another week of learning from home.  Today an extra activity for you is all about drawing rabbits, this can help you to illustrate your 'Bad Easter Bunny' stories that you will start writing today. 

If your parents let you, tonight at 8pm people all over England will be standing outside their front doors and clapping and cheering for all the nurses, doctors and other NHS staff who are helping to tackle the Coronavirus, why not show your support too.

Have a lovely day!

Stay safe and keep looking after each other.

Love Ms Freezer

How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit Bunny Step by Step

All Yoga Disco | Dance Fitness Yoga!

For those of you who LOVE dancing, here is a mixture of dance and yoga.
STRENGTH CHALLENGE! As you know, I love yoga and I'm enjoying being able to do yoga at least once a day at the moment. However, there is one asana (pose) that I cannot do and I am determined to master - 'crow pose'. The second video is showing you how to do this - see if you can already do it or if you can also master it before we meet again at school! Good luck - you have to be strong!

Crow Pose | The Cosmic Kids Yoga Pose Universe! | Kids Workout