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Today you are going to help the scientists by creating a dinosaur story. Your story will help the scientists keep myths and legends alive about the mysterious island and this will keep people away who would try to harm the animals.


You can use your own dinosaur you made for your story and you can also make more. Or simply draw three dinosaurs on paper and cut them out. You can tape them on sticks to make puppets. Look at the video for inspiration on how dinosaurs can look and what they sound like.   

Cool Dinosaur Music, Prehistoric Music & Ancient Music - The Land Before Time 🦕

Everyone should do this:


Use your dinosaurs and your island or map you made to make up and act out a dinosaur story! What sounds do you think your dinosaurs make? What happened to your dinosaurs? Where did they go on the island? What challenge did they face? How did the story end?


Everyone should give this a try:


Write down your story! You can add dinosaur noises too! Use the checklist to make sure your sentences make sense.

Challenge yourself:


Can you make dinosaur music? Gather some objects at home that make noise such as pans and spoons. Do you remember the different rhythms we practised in Music? Can you make up your own rhythm using the different instruments? You can add your own dinosaur noises to the rhythm too! Squeak, splash, eek, stomp!