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Making a difference


Today the scientists need your help with creating a map for the Island of Socotra. This will help them find a safe way around the island.


Everyone should do this:


Can you use the list of features you wrote for the island yesterday to make a map? Draw a map of the island then find a route that is safe for the scientists. Remember to label your map and write the features of the island. Can you draw a compass on the map so the scientists know the directions?


Everyone should give this a try:


Write the directions for the safe route for the scientists, using directional language such as turn left, go straight ahead, turn around, go around the volcano etc. Use the checklist to make sure your sentences are correct.

Challenge yourself:


Make or draw a dinosaur!  You can use any material you like such as playdough, clay, sticks and leaves, sand, paper, card, felt, boxes and other recycled materials.