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Today you are helping the scientists by writing a letter about the volcano that they can read out during their news conference.

Watch the video to learn more about volcanos. 

Volcanoes for Kids | A fun and engaging introduction to volcanoes for children

Watch the video to learn more about volcanoes!

Everyone should do this:


Can you write a letter to the people living nearby to tell them about the volcano? Start with ‘Dear People,’ and end with ‘From ___ (your name)’. You need to write them about what a volcano is first. ‘A volcano is ____.’ Then you need to tell them about the volcano on Socotra Island. ‘This volcano is on Socotra Island and it is going to erupt.’ Finally you need to ask them to stay away not to get hurt. Use the checklist to make sure your sentences are correct.


Everyone should give this a try:


Can you add some facts about volcanos you learned from the video?

Challenge yourself:


Can you make a volcano? Look at the video to see if you can create your own home-made volcano eruption!

How to make a volcano | Natural History Museum

Why not get your lab coat on at home and try out this classic erupting volcano experiment? See the full written instructions and find out more about these in...