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The Alien Beauty of Socotra Island

As you know, this week you will be helping the team of scientist with their work on Socotra Island.
First, they need your help to discover and note down the features of the island.
Look at the video to help you see the different features of Socotra Island!

Everyone should do this:

Can you list the features of the island? Write down all the things that you can find there. Use the video and the text in the Reading folder to help you.

When you write a list, you need to write each word on a new line starting with a lower case (not a capital) letter.


Everyone should give this a try:

Can you write down at least three facts about the island you learned? Use the checklist to make sure your sentences are correct.

Challenge yourself:

Create the island! You can use a big sheet of card or paper to place it on. Then find some materials you have at hand such as leaves, sticks, sand, pebbles, coloured paper, glue, beads, boxes or cardboard to make the features of the island. You can also use paint, glue and colour pens to finish off your island. Look at the picture of an example below of how your island could look like.