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Science at Mora


Science at Mora taught through various topics across the school which cover all three main areas of science (chemistry, physics and biology) at an age appropriate level. The students are encouraged to take a hands on, investigative approach their learning. Activities are presented in a variety of ways including the use of technology which the children enjoy and benefit from.


"It is very creative and I get to research on netbooks"- Year 5 Pupil, Lion Class


By making the teaching and learning of science both practical and fun the children are encouraged not only to think more carefully about what they have seen and done, but to think why it might have happened the way it did. They also look for patterns in the results, thus developing a more thoughtful and logical approach to science.


" I enjoy learning about all the body parts because if I get hurt I'll know what's happened to me"- Year 3 Pupil, Ostrich Class


The appropriate scientific vocabulary and concepts are developed alongside practical tasks so the whole process is achieved in a meaningful way. This ensures that all children, regardless of whether they are SEN, EAL or gifted to access the science curriculum at their required level.