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15th December 2023

This week we have been reading Stickman. We have focused on counting this week; counting to 10 out loud as well as beginning to count objects to 10. We counted how many sticks were in stickman's family then talked about how many people are in our own family and counted them too! We had a visit from Raphael's family who taught us all about the Jewish celebration, Hanukkah! We listened to a story, lit candles, danced/spun like dreidels and enjoyed a chocolate coin! 


We had such fun at our Winter Workshop, thank you for all who came along to enjoy the festivities! We all looked fabulous in our jumpers on Friday and tucked into a delicious roast dinner with our teachers.


Reminders :

The school term ends on Thursday 21st December at 2pm

On Thursday 21st, all children are invited to wear comfy clothes and bring their favorite book to share with the class