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6th October 2023

This week in Star Class, we read the story 'Poo in the Zoo'. We became poo detectives and had to decide which poo sample came from which animal using clues! Big poo came from the elephant, feathery poo was from a bird, tiny droppings from a mouse and a spikey poo belonged to a porcupine! We had lots of fun and giggles this week reading this story. We added cocoa powder to our dough and had a dough disco! We listened to some funky music and squeezed, rolled, poked and prodded the dough, working on our fine motor skills. 


We talked about the difference between a zoo and a farm and sorted animals accordingly. We became architects; designing and building our very own zoo and farm. 


Thank you to all parents who came to our 'Meet the Teacher' meeting. If you have any questions or want to talk about your child's progress please speak to me on the gate or call and arrange a time for a chat - my door is always open.