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3rd November 2023

This week we have been reading the story 'Not a Stick'. We put our imaginations to the test and transformed our sticks into all sorts of objects from magic wands to stick people. We had great fun creating wands with our sticks and casting spells. We constructed a 'stick city' and built hospitals, schools, shops and houses for our sticks to 'live' in. We ventured around our school environment and created journey sticks. We collected all sorts of autumnal goodies and attached them to our journey sticks using elastic bands. These objects then supported us to remember and recall our journey. 




  • Our soft start morning will being on Tuesday 7th November. We will allow families to come into the classroom from 9-9.10 to see our learning environment. This will continue each Tuesday up until Christmas. 
  • Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate shoes and coat for the cold, wet weather. 
  • Your child must have a bag of spare clothes on their peg. 



Thank you