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19th January 2024

This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


On Monday, our teachers performed the story for us on the stage. On Tuesday, we performed the story to our teachers and our friends. We are becoming fantastic story tellers! We made made some delicious porridge - it was just right! We added bananas, blueberries and honey for an extra tasty treat! 


We have also been talking about size, using language like small, medium and large. We thought about other words we might use to describe size; big, giant, huge, massive, ginormous, gigantic, colossal, tiny. We ordered objects in size order starting from smallest  to biggest. Perhaps you could go for a size hunt around your home or the park. What's the smallest thing you can find? What 's the biggest thing you can find?  Can you collect some of your toys or your family's shoes and put them in size order?