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Mora Primary & Nursery School

Making a difference

Visions and Values

Mora Primary and Nursery School is a place of learning for all. Individuals feel safe, are happy and are encouraged to become confident, creative and reflective.


We nurture global citizens of the future who reach their full potential.


'Making a difference'


Mora is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming school, which is well established within the local community. Children, parents and governors alike perceive Mora as a friendly and supportive extension of their family.


Vision and Values

At Mora Primary School, we are passionate about making a difference to our children’s lives: helping them to feel safe, secure and valued. We want the children of Mora to develop the skills and knowledge to understand and question their world, while respecting similarities and differences in all aspects of our diverse school.


Our aim is to support all of our children to become happy, inquisitive and confident learners. The successful implementation of our curriculum will allow us to equip every child for life well beyond the gates of Mora.


Our vision is underpinned by our shared values of:

Independence, reflection, collaboration, communication, resilience and curiosity.


At Mora Primary and Nursery School we are ready…

We are independent

- we do things for ourselves and we are self-starters.

We are collaborative

- we support each other and work together.

We are curious

- we ask questions to direct and further our learning.

We are communicative

- we use new vocabulary to discuss our learning.

We are reflective

- we learn from our mistakes and we strive to do better.

We are resilient

- we keep on going and we never give up!


We have lots to do, we have people to impress and places to go… we are ready for this world!


Alongside our vision, Mora Primary And Nursery School promotes British values:


  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith.


Principles for excellent Teaching and Learning

The teaching and curriculum design of each subject is underpinned by CHAMP. We make a difference in every minute of the school day. To ensure that every child is successful and that we are all champions at Mora Primary and Nursery School



Hands-on learning






The Mora CHAMP Cheer

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