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Mora Primary & Nursery School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the wonderful staff at our school.

Headteacher - Ms Polly Baylis


Deputy Headteacher (Phase leader Years 4, 5 & 6) - Ms Kate Bass

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Alyssa Sy-Yan

Interim Assistant Headteacher (Phase Leader Years 1, 2 & 3) - Mrs Charlotte Rivers

SENDCo - Mrs M Soysa


EYFS Phase Leader - Ms C Hillis

Star Class Team (N) - Ms C Hills (Class Teacher)

Sun Class Team (R) - Ms A Kowalska (Class Teacher)

Moon Class Team (R) - Ms Y Alicerces (Class Teacher)

EYFS Support Staff - Ms S Noel, Ms F Halli, Ms B Ryan, Ms I Correia, Ms N Modi, Ms M Fisher, Ms A Abouri, 

Mr M Dryden 


Interim Assistant Headteacher - Ms C Whittlestone

Galaxy Class Team (Y1) - Ms A Zaiceva (Class Teacher), Ms O'Callaghan Ms A Abouri

Orbit Class Team (Y1) - Ms J Jordaan (Class Teacher),Ms H Ramdani 

Mercury Class Team (Y2) - Ms A Noor (Class Teacher), Ms A Williams & Ms M Adina

Neptune Class team (Y2) - Mr A Duckham (Class teacher) & Ms S Marshall 

Earth Class Team (Y3) - Ms M Tejan-Cole (Class Teacher)  & Ms M Ali

Saturn Class Team (Y3) - Ms N Adam (Class Teacher) Mr P Davis & Ms F Daramola


Deputy  Headteacher - Ms Kate Bass

Mars Class Team (Y4) - Ms M Gkinidou (Class Teacher)  Ms S Khurana & Ms W Rahman

Pluto Class Team (Y4) - Mr M Gustowicz (Class Teacher) & Ms C Soler Boix 

Comet Class Team (Y5) - Ms K Kalu (Class Teacher) & Ms Negin

Titan Class Team (Y5) - Ms J Planeta (Class Teacher) & Ms S Jeevan

Venus Class  Team (Y6) - Ms A Bakar (Class Teacher) &  Ms S Dias

Jupiter Class Team (Y6) - Ms J Walker (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Ms F Mas (Thu, Fri) (Class Teachers) &  Mr A Jaspaul


Additional Teaching Staff

KS2 Intervention Teacher - Ms F Mas (Mon, Tue, Wed)

SEND Teacher - Ms L Kyle

PE Teacher - Mr E Toquie

Art Teacher - Ms C Parks

Music Teacher - Ms S Batten

Spanish Teacher - Ms Y Alicerces &  Ms C Soler Boix 

Teaching Support - Ms B El-Machachi



School Office and Site Staff

School Business Manager - Ms L Jordanova

Senior Admin Officer - Ms P Thanki

Admin Officer - Mr J Siminovitch

Site Supervisor - Mr S Danev


Pastoral Staff (BASE)

BASE Manager - Ms Elizabeth Lahav

BASE Mentor - Kwan Chan