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Mora: Chair of Governors Statement

Although we all know that education improves our chances in life - helping us make better decisions, and giving us qualifications for the world of work - a good education β€‹is also the key that opens the door of a rich and fulfilled life, lived for the wonderful and varied experiences it can provide. The more we learn, the more we want to learn, and curiosity is the engine that propels humanity forward.


Mora’s governors are committed to ensuring that every child at the school is given every chance to learn and develop in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. And this learning goes beyond the obvious curriculum – although we place great importance on this, as well as on progress and achievement throughout that curriculum – it extends into how children behave; how they respect others; how they understand the world around them, and its many challenges.


At our meetings – as well as on a regular basis – we examine in detail the progress and achievement of all groups of children; we look at how the teaching standards are set and maintained, how staff are managed, and how the school is kept safe for children and staff alike; we also examine the ways in which the school spends its budget, and how that might best be allocated to get the best out of the school’s activities. The governing body consists of not only parents but staff representatives and representatives from the Local Authority and outside the school community.


Mora has now been judged a Good school by Ofsted twice in a row. The governors are committed to supporting the staff in not only maintaining this status, but in aiming towards being judged Outstanding.


Barry Creasy

Chair of Governors

Co-op Governor Vacancy - Mora Primary & Nursery School


Located in Cricklewood, North London, Mora Primary & Nursery School (Mora) is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming school, which is well established within the local community.  Children, parents and governors alike perceive Mora as a friendly and supportive extension of their family.


We are passionate about making a difference to our children’s lives: helping them to feel safe, secure and valued.  We want the children or Mora to develop the skills and knowledge to understand and question their world, while respecting similarities and differences in all aspects of our diverse school.


Our vision is underpinned by our shared values of: Independence, Reflection, Collaboration, Communication, Resilience and Curiosity.


As we look to continue to develop the school and its governance, a vacancy has become available for a co-op Governor to join our Governing Body.  We would welcome applications for this position which would be for an initial term of four (4) years.  Our Governing Board meet termly, with Committees meeting at least termly or more frequently as required.  Our Governors are expected to play an active role in the school community, supporting the school leadership and teachers as necessary, and acting as Link Governors to support the curriculum.  With a diverse governing board in place, specific attributes that would be sought after from applicants are:


  • A connection with the local community and/or local business community
  • Experience in generating funding and donations in order to supplement the school’s income and provide additional opportunities to our children
  • Experience of building and maintenance management and monitoring
  • Capability, or willingness to develop the capability, to take a leadership position on the governing board in the next 12 months


If you are interested please send your details, including a letter / statement outlining your suitability to the position to 


We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

The Governing Body at Mora consists of:

  • Four parent Governors
  • One LA Governor
  • One Staff Governor
  • One Headteacher
  • Five co-opted Governors

We currently have the following vacancies:

  • One co-opted Governor


Below is the membership details of Mora's Governing Body

Polly Baylis, Headteacher

Barry Creasy, Co-opted Governor, Chair of Governors

Sue Lowidt, Co-opted Governor

Jessica Feldman, Parent Governor

Alex Saklow, Parent Governor

Craig Rajgopaul, Co-opted Governor

Sanjana Karnani, Local Authority Governor

Kate Bass, Staff Governor and Deputy Headteacher

Sabrina Marshall, Parent Governor

Simon Hay, Parent Governor

Ernest Toquie, Co-opted Governor


Recent resignations

Fiona Ryan- Staff Governor 6/7/16

Emma Beal- Co-opted Governor 6/7/16

Tatyana Gavrilova- Parent Governor 1/11/16

Maryam Azimi- Parent Governor 20/02/17

Michael Blake- Co-opted Governor 22/9/17

Fatima Khan- LA Governor 4/10/2017

Sarah Dent- Parent Governor 4/05/18

Siobhan Perth - Co-opted Governor 12/18

Nihal Haria-Shah- Co-opted Governor 20/03/2019

Ruth Samways- Staff Governor 09/09/2019

David Mason - Parent Governor, Vice Chair of Governors 04/01/2020

Basma Yaslem, Parent Governor 05/01/20

Alex Haslam, Co-Opted Governor 03/06/20

Dates of 2021/2022 Governors' Meetings

Autumn Term 2021 -Staffing and Pay Committee - 13/09/21 10am 

                                      Finance and Buildings Committee- 22/09/21 8am

                                      Achievement and Standards Committee- 13/10/21 6pm

                                      Full Governors Meeting- 17/11/21 6pm


Spring Term 2022 -  Staffing and Pay Committee - 07/02/22 10am

                                      Finance and Buildings Committee- 21/02/22 8am

                                      Achievement and Standards Committee- 02/03/22 6pm

                                      Full Governors Meeting- 14/03/22 6pm

                                      Finance and Buildings Committee (budget approval) - 28/03/22 8am


Summer Term 2022 - Staffing and Pay Committee - 03/05/22 10am

                                      Finance and Buildings Committee- 10/05/22 8am

                                      Full Governors Meeting (approve budget) - 26/05/22 6pm

                                      Achievement and Standards Committee- 08/06/22 6pm

                                      Full Governors Meeting- 22/06/22 6pm

Governor Attendance Information 2020/2021