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Mora: Chair of Governors Statement

On behalf of the Governing Body, welcome to Mora Primary and Nursery School. We are a school that is passionate about ‘making a difference’ in the lives of our children and our community. At Mora our children, staff, parents, carers and governors work together to create an inclusive environment that is respectful of similarities and differences in all aspects of our diverse school.
As a Governing Body we provide both support and challenge across all areas of the school to ensure all children benefit from our vision and aims. As Governors, our most important role is ensuring the safety, welfare and education of our pupils.
The governing body consists of a balanced mix of parents, staff and representatives from the Local Authority and outside the school community. The full governing body, and our committees, meet regularly throughout each term, with the school’s leadership team, to ensure the smooth-running of all aspects of the school. We support the senior leadership team, teachers and staff in monitoring the children's progress and achievement, how teaching standards are set and maintained, how staff are managed, and how the school is kept safe for children and staff alike. We also monitor the ways in which the school spends its budget, and how that might best be allocated to get the best out of the school’s activities. 
Mora’s Governing Body is committed to ensuring that each child at the school is given every chance to learn and develop in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. Mora has been judged a Good school by Ofsted twice in a row–most recently in 2019–the governors are committed to supporting the staff in maintaining this status. We also support them in realising the ambition to be judged Outstanding, a status we feel reflects the school’s incredible atmosphere, dedicated staff and their commitment to help each and every child achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and spiritually.
Jessica Feldman

Chair of Governors

The Governing Body at Mora consists of:

  • Four parent Governors
  • One LA Governor
  • One Staff Governor
  • One Headteacher
  • Five co-opted Governors


Below is the membership details of Mora's Governing Body

Polly Baylis, Headteacher

Jessica Feldman, Parent Governor, Chair of Governors

Barry Creasy, Co-opted Governor

Sue Lowidt, Co-opted Governor

Craig Rajgopaul, Co-opted Governor

Sanjana Karnani, Local Authority Governor

Kate Bass, Staff Governor and Deputy Headteacher

Sabrina Marshall, Parent Governor

Claire Harbron, Parent Governor

Ernest Toquie, Co-opted Governor

Lucinda King, Co-opted Governor

Rebecca Nako, Parent Governor


Governing Board Information & Declaration of Interests 2023-2024

Governor Attendance Information 2022/2023

Staffing and Pay Committee – S&P

Finance and Buildings Committee – F&B

Achievement and Standards Committee – A&S

Full Governors Meeting - FGM


TitleFirst NameSurnameF&B 28/09/2022S&P 03/10/2022A&S 17/10/2022FGB 14/11/2022F&B 14/12/2022S&P 01/02/2023F&B 23/02/2023A&S 13/03/2023FGB 20/03/2023S&P 03/05/2023F&B 15/05/2023FGB 24/05/2023FGB 26/06/2023
Parent GovernorSabrina Marshall             
Co-opted Gov.Lucinda Hill             
HeadteacherPolly Bayliss             
Staff GovernorKatarinaBass             
Co-opted Gov.BarryCreasy             
Co-opted Gov.SueLowidt             
Co-opted Gov.Ernest Toquie             
Co-opted Gov.CraigRajgopaul              
Parent GovernorJessica Feldman             
Parent GovernorAlexSaklow             
Local Authority Governor SanjanaKarnani             
Parent Governor ClaireHarbron