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Workshop 2022-2023


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Achieving success for your child is all down to team work and we love having families on board with children's learning. To ensure you are best equipped to support your child's learning we have created a playlist of workshops and resources. These videos will explain how your child is being taught and support you with home learning. 


Please make sure you watch all workshops as they contain vital information and explain expectations. 


List of workshop videos to watch:

      1. Reading in Reception

           A brief overview of the tips and expectations for reading at home.

      2. Phonics and Reading in Reception

           A more in depth workshop around how phonics, reading and writing is taught in Reception. This workshop will                   give you insight into how your child learns these key skills and what you can do to support them. This Workshop               is in two parts, please make sure you watch both videos. 


To watch these workshops please click on the link below or head straight to the Video Resource Centre. Here you will find the 'Early years Workshops and Videos' playlist. 


Once again thank you for your time and support with this.