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Non-uniform day for Children in Need 2021

Interschool Cross Country 2021

On Wednesday 17th November, Year 5 boys and girls took part in the Interschool Cross Country sporting event.



Robert finished 4th and narrowly missed out on the third medal spot. The other boys all finished in the top 20s and 30s out of over 50 boys. 


Reem finished in the top 20, with the remaining girls finishing in the top 30, 40 and 50. 

Well done to all of the children involved. You did Mora and yourselves proud!

Meeting the Chaser and Mastermind Champion, Shaun Wallace!

We were very fortunate to have a visit from a famous celebrity, Shaun Wallace! He lives locally, is a successful barrister and he is also a popular T.V personality. He is probably best known for working on the quiz show, THE CHASE. Children in Years 5 and 6 had an opportunity to ask him questions. We learnt about his life and how he became successful. Did you know that he still lives very close to our school? 



What did you want to be when you were a child?  A lawyer.

Have you ever been bullied for your skin colour?  People haven’t bullied me... but they have told me I would end up in jail... I showed them!

Where was your favourite place that you played The Chase?  Many countries but my favourite was New Zealand.

DT Day - Cooking

Maths Week London 2021

Sports Day 2021

Science Week at Mora 2021!

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief 2021

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 Art porjects

The Anti-Bullying week theme for 2020 was United Against Bullying. 

Year 1 and 2 talked about colours in the rainbow and how those next to each other are friends. We used the "friend colours" to make pictures filled with different shapes. Year 3 learnt about complimentary colours, how these colours are different but work well together. We drew shapes and self portraits in these colour combinations. Year 4, 5 and 6 created self portraits of how they see themselves. They were told to be as creative and imaginative as possible and to celebrate what makes them, them!

Odd Sock Day for Anti-Bullying Week 2020

A message to the Mora children and community from some of the Mora staff!

Still image for this video
Thank you Ms Kyle for putting this video together!

75th Anniversary of VE Day

Year 6 Venus Class created these cups of tea to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. 

For World Book Day this year, we all dressed in our warm pyjamas and brought our favourite teddy or cushion in to school. To celebrate a love of books, each class took part in an African story telling session, with a lot of audience participation. Also, classes snuggled up with a drink, a biscuit and a good book and read for pleasure - not just to answer comprehension sheets! There was even a reading cafe in Year 4 where children had to practise the art of sipping their "coffee" while reading at the same time!

Don't forget to take your book tokens to the nearest book shop or large supermarket, where you can exchange your token for a book!

What a fantastic start to the year!

Our Reading Forest has officially opened. I hope you all had a chance to visit the Pop Up Book Hut and exchange a leaf or twig for a book to keep at home. The event ignited the children’s passion for reading and we were thrilled to see how excited they were.

We are working hard to ensure our children develop a love for reading. You can help too! Make sure you are reading with your child or to your child every day. It is important that they are given the chance to escape into a book. Plus, the skill of reading is essential to enable them to explore all their interests across the curriculum. 

What a marvellous way to end Diversity Day! After celebrating and learning about real-life heroes who have overcome a diverse range of barriers to succeed, we all gathered in the playground to sample an amazing feast. Dressed in our cultural clothes, Mora kids, staff, parents and families sampled different cuisines and even performed a flash mob. Below are some of the amazing photos. (NB: Not all photos could be added here due to photo permissions). Thank you to Mora for a fantastic celebration of our diverse community.

Early Years Sports Day 2018

Kookaburra Class Assembly 27.04.18- Toys

World Book Day 2018!

Debate Mate Cup 2018- our team got through to the final and debated infront of 500 people. We are so proud!

Robin Class Assembly- 09.03.2018- Mother's Day

Lion Class Assembly 23.3.18- The Rainforest

Our debate team taking part in the 1st round of the Primary Urban Debate League- 29.01.18

Panther Class Assembly- 12.01.2018- Memories of WW2

Leopard Class Assembly- 8.12.17- Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas Lunch- 5.12.17

Tiger Class Assembly 10.11.17- How to keep our teeth healthy

Our Girls Football team came 3rd in a Brent wide Football Tournament. Well done.

Owl Class Assembly 20.10.2017- Recycling

Cougar Class Assembly- 21.09.2017- Growth Mindset

Emergency Services Dress Up Day for Grenfell Tower

Kingfisher Class Assembly 16/06/2017- Equal Opportunities

Leopard Class Assembly 26/05/2017- The Ancient Egyptians

Kookaburra Class Assembly: 19/05/2017- Florence Nightingale

Tiger Class Assembly- 28.4.17- The Romans

Ostrich Class Assembly- 3.3.17- All about the Ancient Greeks

Kindness Champions

Robin Class Assembly- 27/01/2017 New Year Resolutions and keeping fit at School

Autumn Art and Design work

Slippery fun on the ice for our 100% Attendance winners!

Children In Need 2016- we all got spotty for Pudsey!

Friendship Friday- we all wore yellow to celebrate friendship and our new Friendship Ambassadors

Sports Day 2016

Spelling Bee Champions