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Duck Diary 2020-2021

Learning with a Splash! 


The duckling's first swim was a big deal and we were so excited to broadcast it live, and share it with our brothers and sisters, across the school. It was amazing how quickly they took to the water!


Today we have been thinking about the word 'challenge' and took on the challenge of building a ramp for the ducks to get in and out of their new pool. Ms Whittlestone's paper staircase didn't work but once we tested the materials we had much better ideas. Check out our water park! 



The Duck Update! 


We have really been shaking some tail feathers in EYFS, so sorry for the lack of updates! 


Last Thursday some cracks started to appear and in the space of about an hour we welcomed our first duck to the class. Can you work out which duck it was? Some of the names you all came up with really quack me up! 



Some cracking news from EYFS!

There are signs of life in the eggs that were delivered on Monday. All five eggs are safe and cosy in the incubator but without risk of eggsagerating, some small cracks have begun to show. See if you can eggsamine the early sigs of hatching in the pictures below. In case you’re unsure what will happen next, nursery are keeping a visual diary and we have attached a helpful drawing of one of the children’s predictions below.  

All we know so far is there will be four yellow ducks and one mystery duck. Reception are sure it’s a rainbow duck! Perhaps you could discuss some ideas at home, don't forget to share them with your teachers.